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BMWZ Symposium 2018: The double face of microorganisms: source of infections and of anti-infective agents

Altes Rathaus in Hannover

For the third time, scientists from various fields come together to share ideas and latest discoveries on interdisciplinary topics at the BMWZ Symposium. This year, the event focuses on the importance of microorganisms: on the one hand as a source of infections and on the other as a provider of anti-infective reagents. Microorganisms produce numerous natural products that can be either beneficial or dangerous to humans - the range of metabolites already discovered is enormous. Understanding how these products are made by microorganisms and how to use these processes to our advantage is the core theme of this symposium. For example, researching and exploiting molecular machines, large multi enzyme complexes, from microorganisms can contribute to the development of new antibacterial or fungicidal substances, especially if these machines can be modified to a desired outcome. The increasing danger of multi-resistant bacteria is also discussed, e.g. how the spread of resistance genes works and how to address this problem by developing new therapeutic strategies. We are proud to present an impressive selection of speakers for this symposium who will share their ideas, insights and experiences with us.

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The first BMWZ Symposium took place on the 29th September 2016.

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The second BMWZ Symposium took place on the 14th September 2017.

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